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IOUs from flips!

Currently, IOUs do absolutely nothing! Can we use IOUs as a way to reflip on the flips? That'd be pretty cool. The percentage of gain isn't all that high either, so it shouldn't hit the flips system. Out of 261 flips, I received 14 IOUs. 14 reflips should be good as a controlled percentage to show that it wouldn't break the flips system if this were implemented.

Suggested by Glory | Aug. 17, 2019


Currently, our hard-working Administrators are unable to perform the "master" command, which grants 99 all skills, and 120 dungeoneering. We often find ourselves busy when we would like to train. I propose our Administration team is granted the ability to do this command so we could better focus on the players that need us most.

Suggested by Father | Aug. 17, 2019

Summoning/way to give charms

My thought was if you have a friend that has charms they'll never use maybe you can implement a ::givecharms to a player command or something, so that you can get some use out of them

Suggested by Bank Chest | Aug. 23, 2019


back in the days of ss1 there was a pvp world. Now don't get me wrong I still like all the skills but the problem I see with other servers is the lack of pvp. Most servers the wilderness is dead. To put this server on top make pvp world that is rewarding. With earning potential and drops ranging from ancient psaltery bridge to vesta statius armors. With things like dfs zerker neck fury godswords and other useful pking equipment in between.

Suggested by Crowndroyal | Aug. 18, 2019

Slayer: Boss Tasks

This could be implemented once all bosses are working correctly. It would/could be a perk you could purchase from a slayer master allowing you to be assigned boss tasks. Or you could add a slayer master that assigns only boss tasks (with a certain combat level and slayer level requirement) You'd get larger exp drops due to the fact that they're bosses. As well as giving players incentive to fight bosses, which would help the economy grow quickly.

Suggested by Legion | Aug. 18, 2019

Summon buff anyone?

Currently I feel summon is incredibly slow for extremes 800 xp per blue voted is no bueno. That equates out to over 16k blues, little to close to pre eoc imho.

Suggested by Ha | Aug. 23, 2019

Show the pkers some love

Target mechanics do not work very well, needs some tlc. Thankfully people are only in like 4 places currently. Mage freeze catch rate is basically 100 %, had a lord in basic welfare brid set up that never missed a freeze on my extreme praying mage that has 94 mage. Furthermore regarding modes do they actually matter in wildy? Dh draws off 1 hp pool or it did, seems to miss more now but it needs a look. Range is beyond op currently in pvp. Also it would be awesome to see the wildy store working

Suggested by Ha | Aug. 23, 2019

These npcs need to settle

Npcs seem to hit disproportionately hard. Easy for instance 80 def with turm potted wearing full vesta stat helm dfs fury steads gets hits 8s on by a lvl 28 banshee fairly often orlly??? Alot of the complaint stems from faulty prayer or not being able to pray vs monsters. Frost dragons will shred you if you try and distance them even with mage pray on / anti or dfs

Suggested by Ha | Aug. 23, 2019

Loot share cc or show rare drops

Hey can we get rare drops shown when it happens so people can pvm and know they getting there split if other person gets drop and maybe some sort of loot share system thanks

Suggested by ADMIT | Aug. 24, 2019


Can we get a cosmetic shop? For skillers and what not. Not many options for players with no combat stats when it comes to items.

Suggested by TxHxC | Aug. 29, 2019

Add Dungeoneering tokens back as Vote Reward

I always thought this was nice, and added quite a bit of value to votes.

Suggested by Curtis | Sep. 06, 2019

Quest Complete
Upvoting suggestions

Currently there's no way to remove support if you accidentally tapped an upvote on someone's suggestions, could this be looked into? I feel there should be an option to remove your upvote, however do not add downvotes. Thanks. ~makkam

Suggested by makkam | Aug. 17, 2019

Withdraw 1,5,x,All

Much like the feature from OSRS, I think it would be beneficial to add a withdraw 'x' feature, making skilling and such a little easier. ( One click )

Suggested by Trance | Aug. 20, 2019

End game PVM

Hello, there needs to be more end game bosses / content, as a Near CB maxed ext I'm struggling to find the desire to log on and do anything rewarding, as of right now the only 2 bosses worth fighting for me and many others are Corp beast and nex, one of those being bugged to being near impossible to be killed without bug abusing. Some Bosses from OS and post EOC I believe would make a great addition to soulsplit. I'm aware of the polypore dungeon and custom raids that are in the works at

Suggested by Sneakz | Aug. 21, 2019

Skillers Shop

A skiller shop, where level 3's with no combat xp can spend GP for items like Elegant, Training sword/shield, and other clothing items u would see on a skiller. Thanks!

Suggested by Wetwipes | Aug. 29, 2019

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