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  1. subless

    Subless vouch thread

    hello everyone for whoever that doesn't know me yet i'm subless very active player if you have expierience with me ingame and you trust me vouch for me ^^
  2. subless

    Dyloxs Extreme #1

  3. subless

    Scammed by Swallow

    damn man
  4. subless

    Content giveaway.

    can i make a 4-5 minute video of me showing my pets?
  5. subless

    2018 Halloween Event

    thanks still have to get the set xd
  6. subless

    Star Guide

    very helpfull tyvm
  7. subless

    Evil Tree Guide

    tyvm 99 wc here icome 😛
  8. subless

    Start/easy money making guide

    rock crabs dont drop caskets anymore so scrap that off the list
  9. subless

    Possibly biggest dd so far ~40b pot

    share the spoils 😛
  10. subless

    Price Checker

    this post needs an update almoste all prices changed
  11. subless

    Buying Credits!

    buying 40k credits 20k ea
  12. subless

    Bandos Pet :)

    got any other pets so far?
  13. subless

    Monster locations guide

    arent there any other dark beasts besides kuradel dungeon?
  14. subless


    my current pet count is blue dragon black dragon king black dragon kalphite queen ( beetle version) generaal gaardor daganoth supreme daganoth rex bork glacor (green)
  15. subless


    i'm looking to make a collection of every pet in the game ( dropped pets like the baby dragons bandos pet ....) if any of you guys have a pet or know a boss who can drop a pet let me know thank you 🙂