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    • @Caliphate What about this though
    • Hey! The Administrator went out of his way to utilize his resources to purchase an excess amount of Mystery boxes with the intention to spread them throughout the community. The difficult part is tracking when people have opened, what has been received and how those items have been circulated within the economy. It is far more complex, although I would like to share that if we had any other possible way of dealing with this without resorting to a reset, we would. This was the best solution we could resort to in the time being. We apologize for the inconvenience Hey! I am sorry to hear about your decision to part ways with Soulsplit following this update, this was not an easy decision to make on our behalf and knew we would as of result face consequences as such mentioned above. We hope to change your mind once you and many others realize the improvement all around Soulsplit is experiencing, we believe many of you will come back.  We kept the server online to isolate preliminary issues that we knew we had to isolate and prioritize, consider that an open BETA. We are shutting it down for a few weeks as we begin implementing these updates and changes to the live server, we do not want to experience any issues with player's accounts or disconnections (as the server will remain offline due to these updates). We apologize for the inconvenience, as for your concern regarding credits, if you did not donate for credits, you will not be refunded any credits in return.
    • Why reset untradeables!? Fine I'll lose my billions f it, but I'm not gonna grind for my untradeables again for months... I don't see one good reason unless that's the cap of ability of the devs here, very annoyed maxing an extreme now I just feel like giving the account away after this tbh, why should we suffer for the staffs mistakes, been here since literally day one in what August/September, this is a low blow, supporting all of souls stupid decisions, watching anyone who opposed him get banned from discord, absolutely unprofessional, would make a great politician though, full respect to reaper for picking up the tattered remains of what he left behind, but my journey with ss ends here if untradeables are lost as well, they affect no one and nothing, now if you excuse me I have to go gamble my bank away since it's worth nothing.
    • All I ask is that we don't start adding OSRS / RS3 items in the game - This server was unique for it's day with a huge following throughout. OSRS Items only mimic Pre-EOC items. In my eyes it would be silly to duplicate items from one era to another.
    • so what if I didn't donate but have items won from people that did with money I paid ing?
      And you done enough testing yet server has to be shut down for few weeks?
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