Important Announcement [BETA + MORE]
Posted By Caliphate | Jan. 19 2019


This has been a long-awaited announcement from the community in which we are finally prepared to make. Before addressing certain executive decisions and moving forward concluding with our BETA, we would like to take the opportunity to discuss some concerns by the community. We have not used this time ineffectively, we have not slacked off and or ignored feedback from the community in response to Soulsplit and its "lack of updates". Behind the scenes, development has been spent partially on re-writing the file-server for Soulsplit, in other words, a component which is used to distribute the client/cache/etc... which will as a result function 100% properly for all members of the community. :classic_wink:

  • As well, downloading the cache is now much smoother and faster and will as a result not crash as it is not riddled with memory leaks as it was previously. Following this update, our next major task in hand was working on and re-writing multi-world support (all 5 Soulsplit worlds working and running perfectly).
    • Bank tabs and our intended bank re-write is now complete, this will be live for testing soon!
      • In addition, we have done several client updates in the last week. We focused last week on getting a lot of aesthetics updates added correctly, such as; Fog, particles, z-buffering, smooth shading, model precision, increased render distance, fixed FOV, and more. (All of which can be toggled in your setting, as well as saved to your account preferences.
    • This week regarding the client, we will be re-doing data handling and adding in all types of data to the client which will provide us with the ability to add OSRS content in the future, maintain our current Pre-EOC content, as well as add RS3 content (these additions will be polled and voted on by the community)

New Addition to the team!

As some of you may have noticed @Paradise has joined the team as a content developer! We would like to welcome him with open arms. @Paradise shares a vast experience and knowledge within the RSPS industry, having worked on many projects in the past, he is excited to embark on this journey alongside the rest of our team in producing the best experience any RSPS can provide! He will be tasked with hammering down an extensive list of reported bugs and issues (Yes, we do listen and collect feedback from the community) and finally providing the community with content that will function properly and enhance your gaming experience here at Soulsplit.

Live Server

Following this announcement, we have done enough testing throughout these last couple of months to which the live server will be shut down and remain closed until release (Approx a few weeks). The server will remain open for staff to test and configure content to ensure that updated/fixed content has been done successfully without any flaws.

While the server remains offline, we would like to take the opportunity to address certain decisions made between management in regards to resets, credit recovery and so forth.

  • Account reset + Addressing rogue Administrator + Previous Ownership

On behalf of management, we have decided, in response to the situation regarding our past administrator who has taken corrupt action (utilize his credits to purchase mass mystery boxes and allocate them across the community as well previous ownership deciding to sell end-game hear which we do not want that to be apart of the integrity of the economy and as a result those items will be removed from the store.) following criticism, to reset all accounts (your stats will stay safe). What this means is, all items (tradeables and untradeables) will be wiped from your accounts but the stats you have grinded out will remain safe and secured (when you login your stats and rank will remain the same). We understand that this may upset a few in the community and we apologize for the inconvenience, but we believe it's in the best interest for Soulsplit in moving forward following the official release to the public soon (few weeks).

  • Credits / Donations

In response to any concerns regarding those who have donated (any method), your credits will be refunded fully and remain locked in-store until the release of the server. Once we release the server, members will be granted accessibility in utilizing their credits!

Message from the team

On behalf of the team working behind Soulsplit, we would like to immensely thank you for your commitment for those who have stuck around through thick and thin! We understand many promises have been broke in the past following previous management, but we have taken the initiative to not only fix all these mistakes but elevate Soulsplit to new heights! These past few months have been a rollercoaster, spending countless hours on fixing and improving outdated systems in an effort to iron out many preliminary issues experienced by many of our awesome members :classic_love:

We understand many have left due to frustration, but we can ensure that following this complete facelift of Soulsplit, many familiar faces will return and witness a new community with many others to enjoy with and play the server we once loved and adored! (We aren't going to go anywhere)

Thank you!

To new heights,

Soulsplit Administration


A New Beginning!
Posted By Caliphate | Nov. 26 2018

Hello everyone,

As of today, an initiative has been taken by the administration in an effort to develop necessary changes in order to guide SoulSplit in a direction that we collectively believe best suits the expectations and demands set forth by the team prior to embarking on this journey. The purpose of this announcement is to shine a light on the barricades encountered and the actions developed in order to move forward towards a new direction here at SoulSplit. With the recent undergo of ownership changes, new management and behind the scenes planning and developing, we bring forth to you the new and improved plan in which we believe will guide SoulSplit towards a successful direction that will set new standards not only at SoulSplit but in the RSPS industry!

Change of Ownership

As of recently, @Mod Reaper has peacefully taken ownership of SoulSplit. This means SoulSplit is no longer under the previous ownership which created more setbacks that prevented progress for Soulsplit. With this being said, @Mod Reaper has taken the initiative to introduce new changes in which the community can expect to see soon. The immediate change will allow the team to function and progress forward effectively without the limitations set by previous management. What this means is that development towards Soulsplit all together will commence as we speak. Following meetings with administration, new expectations, systems, and processes have been discussed and put into action in order to improve the overall quality of Soulsplit for our community members and the many more that will soon witness what we have to offer! @Mod Reaper is committed to working with the community to tackle existing issues with the team and raise the bar that will represent what Soulsplit and define a staple that we are here, stronger than ever.

Introduction of New Management

Greetings, my name is Caliphate. Following ownership changes,  I have been introduced and taken the responsibility of managing the new and improved direction of Soulsplit. I have an extensive past with notable experiences that have helped shape my knowledge and understanding of what it takes in order to produce and manage a successful server. My goal as the new manager is to ensure the team is organized and efficient with working on progressing Soulsplit towards a path we collectively envision within the team and community. My role is to manage internal relations between staff and the community. Furthermore, it is my responsibility to manage the overall direction Soulsplit in regards to ensuring that full commitment and quality is being asserted by the team at all times in an effort to meet existing goals. Additionally and most importantly it is my duty to rework and enhance the current systems in place in order to build a stronger foundation for the future of Soulsplit. Nonetheless, I am excited to embark on this journey with YOU all and produce many great memories that will help shape and define the future!

Now, let's get to the fun stuff...

      Following the recent changes in ownership, a lot has been discussed BTS about the overall look and operation of Soulsplit;

  • Game
    • With developers being paid accordingly, work can finally commence on fixing existing issues and introducing new content to enhance the overall quality of gameplay for our community members!
    • Development is working hard to collectively prioritize what needs to be done to move forward, an overall reassurance and motivation have been reinstated to spark a light that has been blown out by previous ownership.
    • Out with the old in with the new, the team is working hard on not only updating old content but enhancing the overall stability and gameplay at Soulsplit! (Expect nothing but progress from here on forth)
  • Website
    • Complete overhaul of the website
      • Modern and improved design for
      • A reworking of current systems in the set (Store, vote leaderboards etc)
      • Increased stability and enhanced/improved functionality of all existing and new coming features that will be accessible for community members and staff,
  • Management
    • Management will now ensure you that full and clear communication will be provided to inform our members on existing events and updates to develop a clear relationship between the staff and community members.
    • Staff team, staff functionality, and limitations will be re-evaluated and reworked to successfully ensure that their duties can be done properly
    • Overall management of the team and its existing systems have been introduced to ensure that quality is always met and that existing issues are tackled effectively and ASAP.
  • Store sale boost
    • The store can now utilize discounts when buying credits! Use the code "CYBERWEEK" to receive 35% off your credits. This offer is only available until Noon (CST) on Friday.
  • Marketing + Capital
    • New marketing plans have been discussed and will commence soon.
    • The team can now ensure that the money being raised by supporting community members will be used effectively and efficiently to bring in the best possible results
    • Proper budgeting for server needs
  • Much more...

Here at Soulsplit, we are committed to working together to collectively embark on this journey to not only bring back something we all miss but redefine standards and the definition of success in the RSPS industry. We thank the existing community for continuous support, we appreciate the countless hours many of you have spent in helping to improve Soulsplit!

To a new beginning,


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